Panasonic offers linear power guarantee for HIT® photovoltaic modules

With launch on June 1, 2018, Panasonic is offering a linear performance guarantee for additional models of the HIT® module series. For the new black module HIT® Kuro, which has been announced in Europe since the beginning of this year, the 25-year linear performance guarantee already applies.

Now Panasonic extends the improved guarantee conditions to the modules with 330 watts, 325 watts, 295 watts and 245 watts rated power.

For the 25th year, Panasonic guarantees at least 86.2 percent of the initial guaranteed nominal output

For customers, this means even more security for their investment, as a minimum performance is now defined for each year of the guarantee period of 25 years. Under the new guarantee conditions, the guaranteed module capacity in the first year amounts to at least 97 percent of the declared nominal output. From the second year, the power should not decrease by more than 0.45 percent per year. For the 25th year, Panasonic guarantees at least 86.2 percent of the initial guaranteed nominal output.

“Anyone who makes a long-term investment decision by building a photovoltaic system wants to have the greatest possible security. With our 25 years linear performance guarantee and 25 years product guarantee, we can offer this to our customers”, says Daniel Roca, Senior Manager Eco Solutions Europe.

High standards in production and quality control at Panasonic

Due to the high standards in production and quality control at Panasonic, the guarantee rate of photovoltaic modules HIT® is extremely low. In January 2018, the guarantee rate was 0.004 percent for approximately 4 million modules sold in Europe.

The internal quality tests, in addition to the mandatory external exams, are among the most demanding in the industry. They contribute to a safe, reliable operation of the modules.
The linear performance guarantee from 1 June 2018 applies to the models VBHN330/325SJ47, VBHN330/325SJ53, VBHN245SJ25, and VBHN295SJ40 and the black module VBHN325/320KJ01. It does not apply to Panasonic modules HIT® with 240 watts and 285 watts as well as older series.

The use of the linear performance guarantee is in accordance with the guarantee document. The regular product guarantee can be extended free of charge from 15 to 25 years by registering the products at