Kioto photovoltaic modules: from Austria quality available in prompt delivery

The Austrian PV manufacturer Kioto is characterized by a highly advanced automated production site, inserted in one of the most important and structured contests dedicated to renewable energies in Europe.

Energy production at the maximum levels

The good production lines, verified by severe quality tests on the whole supply chain, allows to produce PV modules characterized by high power and energy performance lasting for their whole service life.

The modules are manufactured with modern lines, automated and verified by high-skilled employees that control all processes in every phase of the different lines, like the perfect cells alignment, the good quality of the electric connections, the strength of the structure and the perfect assembly of all components.

Kioto modules are therefore manufactured in the perfect conditions to produce a lot of clean and renewable energy for their whole service life, once they are installed and connected together to form a PV plant.

Kioto modules in prompt delivery at VP Solar

You can find Kioto modules available in prompt delivery at VP Solar, even during shortages due to the high demand in Italy and Europe. Thanks to its logistic and warehouse capability, VP Solar allows its clients resellers and installers to work without worrying about availability or delivery times.

There is also a high demand of the 260 and 280 Wp ones, which are perfect if you need to exploit the whole space at disposal producing the maximum power possible.

Thanks to the integration of the SAP system, all company functions are coordinated and customer satisfaction-oriented with a lean and efficient correlation without impediments and characterized by a winning logic, as testified by VP Solar’s continuous growth during the years.

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