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LG Modules: efficiency in prompt delivery

The photovoltaic modules of the multinational company LG, leader in electronics, are designed and built to produce the highest energy and efficiency.

The company’s attention in the photovoltaic world has always been concentrating in top-of-the-range products with the highest efficiency: that’s the base of the production methods, the patents in innovation as well as the maximum attention to the real performance over time.

LG Neon modules: the highest performance

Among the most interesting modules, the series Neon has always been appreciated for the power and efficiency of the cell, which reaches the 21%. For these modules, LG has exploited its own expertise in the field of semiconductors to develop a smaller cell able to capture the solar radiation not only on its sun-facing side but also on the back, offering more efficient modules to the market.

Its increased efficiency entails less modules to install at the same overall installation power, saving installation costs and therefore time. Today the most required Neon model is the 300 Wp, which represents the best solution for every kind of installment.

The prices awarded by LG in the last few years, like the TOP BRAND PV EU in 2015 and the price Plus X Award, which is one of the main awards in the fields of technology, sport and lifestyle, are the confirmation of the outstanding quality of its products.

Moreover, the module Neon has been awarded the Intersolar Award, one of the highest prices in the solar sector worldwide.

LG Modules: always available in prompt delivery with VP Solar

VP Solar is one of main LG Modules Distributors, since it won the award as the best European company for the sales growth of LG Products.

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