Fiamm solar batteries SMG series

FIAMM batteries SMG Solar OPzV series are 2 V element with positive tubular plates obtained in die a rich tin alloy and poor calcium with electrolyte immobilized in a gel-like structure are great for cycling applications especially with deep discharges.

Fiamm batteries SMG Solar OpvzV: ideals for many applications

The design life is 18 years under float conditions, the number of cycles with 60% DoD is greater than 1500 cycles, while with 20% DoD are over 5000 cycles, considering a temperature of 20 ° C.

The wide range of capacities from 265 Ah to 3900 Ah C120 in hours at 1.85 V / cell make them ideal for many applications with regular regimes, long and deep discharge, as isolated plants from renewable energy (photovoltaic / wind), telecom applications and systems with high capacity in areas with unstable and unreliable power grid.

Long life duration

The pasted flat negative plates are designed to have a life time comparable with the tubular positive plates.

Built with high microporosity sheaths adapted to retain the active material and separators with very high microporosity and low internal resistance with polar steps with high reliability they are specifically designed to prevent the infiltration of acid and corrosion of the terminals.

The batteries SMG Solar OPzV are built with containers and lids in standard ABS with thick walls to a high mechanical strength can also be available with plastics of ABS flame retardant always completely recyclable.

All elements are fitted with flame arrestors device that prevents the entry of sparks or flames inside and are equipped with one-way safety valves that allow excess gas to get out in case of overcharge.

Easy to install

The batteries SMG Solar OPzV are easily installed in both horizontal and vertical position, thanks to M10 female threaded terminals provide high conductivity, maximum resistance to twisting.

The connections between the elements included in the delivery are made with fully insulated flexible cables, screws isolated and with hole for tension control probe.

The SMG Solar OPzV series meets the standards IEC 61427, DIN 40742, DIN 43539T5, IEC 60896 Part 21 and Part 22.

Finally, thanks to the below 2% self-discharge it can storage for 6 months without recharging in an environment at 20 ° C.