SolarWorld modules available in prompt delivery at VP Solar

SolarWorld modules has always been a synonym for quality, efficiency and excellence, thanks to their extraordinary ability of minimizing the losses and collecting every single solar array to transform it into energy.

The hardest tests to certify their quality

SolarWorld modules are very required because they match efficiency to duration and production guaranteed over time, as verified by the hard tests carried out during all manufacture phases.

To evaluate the resistance to different weather conditions, the modules undergo many difficult tests, much more than the ones required by the IEC regulation, like the temperature change, thermal shock, humidity-freeze and damp-heat tests.

And to make them even harder, the following values are augmented:

  • In the cyclic temperature changes test , 600 night/day cycles are simulated instead of the 200 prescribed by the IEC regulation;
  • In the thermal shock test, designed to study the behavior of the modules in case of sudden temperature changes, testers simulate a work-load of 25 years, alternating for 9125 times 30 minutes at -40°C to 30 minutes in a pre-heated oven at + 85°C, passing from one extreme temperature to another in less than 10 seconds.

Much more tests have been conducted on the modules, like the hotspot, or the mechanical strength or other electrical tests.

Choose quality, choose who has it in prompt delivery

Also during this moment of shortage, VP Solar proposes SolarWorld modules in prompt delivery, thanks to an efficient warehouse, well-organized at the logistic and purchasing levels, which allows to have the materials available at the right time.

SolarWorld modules can be matched to inverters, mounting and cabling systems, whose quotations can be seen in our price lists in the Private Area.

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