Sungrow single-phase string inverter from 2 to 6 kW series SG-RS with 2 MPPT and SG-RS-S with 1 MPPT

Among the single-phase string inverters suitable for the residential market, Sungrow offers the SG RS series with power from 3kW up to 6 kW in total 5 sizes with 2 MPPT and the SG RS-S series from 2 kW to 3 kW with 1 MPPT.

This range of inverters are compatible with high-power photovoltaic modules and with double-sided modules and the PID recovery smart function integrated as standard.

Smart PID recovery function on single-phase and three-phase Sungrow inverters

In the latest Sungow inverters’ generation, the PID-Recovery function is a standard integration. This can be easily activated the monitoring APP via iSolarCloud.

This feature reduces the effect of PID potential degradation affecting photovoltaic panels.
The outcome is a long-term decrease in performance and electricity leakage from the cell circuit to the module frame. Heat and humidity are the weather conditions when it mainly occurs .

The  PID-Recovery function manage to reduce this  side-effect during the day whereas during the night it is balanced.

An easy to install Sungrow SG RS and SG RS-S inverters

The small size of these inverters, that is 41 × 27 cm (A4 format) make it easy to manage. Actually it can be installed by one single person. Installation is plug and play and accessing to the monitoring platform is quick and simple.

The intelligent management provides real-time data with 24-hour monitoring. Due to the integrated display it is possible to quickly check any trouble it may occur.