VP Solar is an Authorized Reseller of Tesla Energy

VP Solar become “Authorized Reseller” of the innovative storage system Powerwall by Tesla Energy that allows the use of energy produced from a photovoltaic plant in a great way.

Tesla Energy system increases self consumption of solar energy, using the same technologies of electric car batteries.

Powerwall is stunning and with many functionalities, does not need maintenance and it is easy to install, it supplies energy in a safe and cheap way. Powerwall stores energy from the photovoltaics, that becomes available when needed, even during the night, supporting peak loads.

“With pleasure we claim this agreement – commented Eng. Stefano Loro, CEO of VP Solar – Powerwall will be available in Europe, the innovative product for energy storage in buildings, which has attracted so much interest since the moment of its launch. Powerwall will be distributed by VP Solar, an historical company that since 1999 has the role of reliable and professional distributor in the European market. Our Engineers select the world best technologies for energy efficiency and today we are pleased to introduce to the European market this excellent device that maximizes the self-consumption of energy. VP Solar and Tesla Energy share the same approach to technology: high quality standards, great attention to the education and increase the skills of designers and installers“.

The characteristics of the system are unique: the daily need of energy is guaranteed by 6,4 kWh of battery capacity; 3,3 kW of power and the possibility to be used with different kind of inverters. Powerwall uses the latest technology of lithium-ion battery, 10 years guaranteed. VP Solar is committed to accelerate the development of renewable energy and the green economy in Europe. The production of energy from renewable sources, the thermal and electrical storage help the aware and smart use of energy. VP Solar will introduce Powerwall at Link Tour in different European cities, next stops are: Brindisi 23 February, Catania 2 February, Roma 1 March e Pescara 2 March, Lugano 19 April.

VP Solar will show Powerwall Tesla Energy at MCE ExpoConfort 2016 in Milan (Italy) From 15th to 18th March, ask for the free tickets: vpsolar.web/en/mce-2016