LG modules

LG: High efficiency PV Modules

The photovoltaic modules manufactured by LG are characterized by the typical high quality of the Korean house, which is well known for its reliability and ability to propose hi-tech products at very competitive prices.

LG Neon modules: the most performing

Among the whole range of solar solutions, the Neon modules stand out for their high efficiency and ability to produce a high quantity of energy also in non optimal weather and array conditions.

The n cell, with the strong frame and the over-time warranty, allows to have a high efficiency module, which can resist up to 5400 Pa and generate more than 300 Wp with a single standard-size panel.

Unlike standard modules with 3 bus-bar, the new CELLO technology (Cell connection, Electrically Low loss Low Stress Optical Absorption enhancement) creates a network of elements that collects sun energy allowing more efficiency , less losses and stress of the photovoltaic cell.

Thanks to these small circular “wires”, the radiation is collected in a more efficient way than a traditional cell. Moreover, the electric losses are limited because the grid produced on the surface expands more, creating less stressed zones and advantaging the modules’ service life at the same time .

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