Fronius Tauro 50/100 kW inverter for commercial systems and ground parks

The new Fronius Tauro and Tauro Eco string inverters have been designed for commercial photovoltaic systems but also for large ground parks. 

Maximum configuration flexibility, simple to install thanks to the intelligent design that reduces costs (BOS), high manufacturability even in extreme environmental conditions.

FRONIUS TAURO 50/99/100 kW

Tauro Eco is available in three power sizes  50 kW, 99 kW, and 100 kW with various possible configurations that make it extremely performing to be able to design any type of system.

Maximum flexibility thanks to numerous options available, such as the chain connection on the AC side which allows reducing the number of panels, the arresters on board the inverter that do not require the integration of other components, and the V connectors which reduce times and installation costs.

 Two main versions: 

  •  “-P”  also referred to as Central where the installation of the inverter is foreseen near the AC parallel panel and the bulk for the photovoltaic modules and consists of cable glands that accommodate cables up to 90 mm2;
  •  “-D” is also called decentralized where the DC input is made with MC4 quick connectors for every single string protected by fuses that can be ordered in sizes 15 or 20 A. This second version is designed to be installed close to the strings.

Surge arresters and protection switches

Furthermore, the Eco version can be equipped with both type 2 and type 1 + 2 surge arresters  (SPD).

As regards the connection on the alternating side,  can also be equipped with a protection switch with input for multipolar cables or with M40 cable glands for the entry of unipolar cables. Furthermore, if you choose not to have the protection switch onboard, you can choose the AC daisy chain option with 10 M32 cable glands to perform faster and lower-cost installations when choosing the decentralized “-D” type.

Installation and configuration

Tauro can be installed vertically using the standard supplied bracket, but also horizontally using the special optional support.

Given the various options, Fronius has made available a simple and intuitive online configurator where with a few clicks on graphic icons you can choose the various options to obtain the codes to order.

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Fronius Tauro – 50/100 kW – inverter for commercial and industrial systems

Fronius Tauro is an inverter useful for any commercial and industrial system, suitable for installation outdoors in contact with extreme climates .

  • Reduces installation costs (BOS)
  • Mechanical ventilation for maximum performance even under the sun’s rays
  • maintenance can be done in the field by one person

Fronius Tauro with power classes from 50 to 100 kW, thanks to the flexibility of configuration, reduces installation costs ensuring high producibility of the systems, even in extreme environmental conditions. This inverter is available for installation in unprotected outdoor environments and is suitable for any commercial and industrial plant.

  • The chain connection on the AC side reduces the number of AC frames;
  • The arresters on board the inverter do not require the integration of further components ;
  • V-connectors reduce installation time and costs;

With its mechanical ventilation , this inverter is able to maintain high energy production even when exposed to direct sunlight. The monitoring of the photovoltaic system is included in the supply of the inverter, any third-party components can be integrated thanks to the open interfaces of the inverter. Maintenance can be done in the field by one person, thus saving labor costs.