Solar-Log 50: the most compact and performing monitoring system

The new entry monitoring system by Solar-Log is so tiny but in the main time very performing. This is the Solar-Log 50, a device that serves as a Gateway between the photovoltaic implant and the Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM portal.

Projected for the residential implants

Solar–Log 50 was projected for residential implants with a maximum power of 15kWp and 5 components. It’s small and compact, it can be easily installed on a DIN together with its cable.

New Gateway version

This new Gateway version permits to:

  • Monitor all the inverter’s parameters
  • Monitor the energy exchange with the greed measured by a meter
  • Monitor the storage systems and other accessories

The compatibility of the various components of the implant is very easy: just go to the web site

Up to 5 extendible components can be connected to the Solar-Log 50

Up to 5 extendible components can be connected to the Solar-Log 50. This number can be doubled with the extendibility license. Also the maximum power limit of 15kWp can be extended up to 30 kWp, always with the specific software license.

Solar Log WEB Enerest™ Portal to display the collected data

When we want to display the data collected from the Gateway, we can use the Solar Log WEB Enerest™ portal, available in desktop version and in app for smartphone iOS and Android.

This portal displays the following data:

  • Schedulable events report (eventual errors/status of the inverter)
  • Yields for kWp
  • Yields
  • Data sheet of the implant
  • Power comparison for single inverters and tracker MPPT

Solar-Log 50 Gateway


The novelty in Solar-Log monitoring systems is the smallest but at the same time high performance Solar-Log 50, a device that acts as a Gateway between the photovoltaic system and the Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM portal.

Solar-Log 50 is the smallest and most performing monitoring system. Designed for residential installations.


Power reduction to x % and Software Licenses

The basic version of the Gateway comes with the active power reduction to x % option and additional add-on functions can be enabled by purchasing software licenses. To enable this, the Solar-Log 50 has to be connected to the Internet.

Display options

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

The Solar-Log 50 acts as a Gateway between the PV plant and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal. The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ online portal expands the presentation and monitoring functions of the Solar-Log™.

The App – Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

This app offers users comfort and security with its structured operating concept, intuitive controls, modern features and interactive graphics. The app is available for free from the app store.



Solar-Log ™ is compatible with all the main inverters available on the market.

2 x RS485 ovvero 1 x RS422

To connect components

Solar-Log™ USB Connection and Data Export

A USB stick can be connected for safe and quick manual installations of new  firmware updates, configurations, and backups. The backup and configuration can be exported as a file via USB.


The Gateway Solar-Log 50 can be connected directly to compatible inverters via Ethernet.