SMA 1.5 – 2.5 and all the inverter in prompt delivery from VP Solar

With the new Sunny Boy 1.5 and 2.5, SMA has a wide, complete and efficient range of product for photovoltaic systems. The range is so complete to cover the all requests, from 1 kW to several MW.

New Sunny Boy 1.5 and 2.5 from SMA

The new Sunny Boy inverters are the revolution for domestic systems, because they re-define the concept of inverter for small application: easy to install, ready to use, able to communicate when and where you want.

  1. Easy to install: the small size, the minimum weight (only 9 kg) and the 2 screws necessary to fix it make the installation and the configuration quick, simple and safe.
  2. Ready to use: only few parameters to configure and the new 1.5/2.5 are ready to produce energy at high efficiency ratio for the all house.
  3. High communication: thanks to is intuitive user interface (Web UI) it’s possible to monitor the system data on any device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC.

Moreover, the wide range of voltage and the high efficiency ratio make possible high-energy production for small residential application. The European efficiency ratio respectively of 96,1 and 96.7 % are excellent values for such a small inverter, results of years of research and development of SMA, world leader of inverter.

From VP Solar all the solution for the PV market

All the inverters from SMA are available thanks to the integrate logistic and the warehouse of VP Solar, that distribute in more than 15 countries the SMA solutions for small, medium and big photovoltaic system.

The range of products SMA are available in prompt delivery, such as modules, mounting systems, cables, connectors and all is necessary to build a photovoltaic system. VP Solar has also in portfolio solution for storage, energy efficiency, hot water heat pumps, thermodynamic systems, and more..

Please contact us for every information or quotation you need, we’re at your disposal!

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