Smart Partner, the Italian professional network for innovative energy

Smart Partner ( is a network of professional companies involved in renewables and innovative energy systems.

Smart Partner by VP Solar: many green-oriented professional companies

It was created by VP Solar, specialized distributor since 1999, and it includes more than 500 resellers, installers and professional companies.

VP Solar selected them on geographic, competences and experiences bases, working to improve the orientation on new technologies and products as energy storage or charging stations for e-cars.

The market will require always more often system integrators able to present to the final customer a solution including many technologies, depending on the energy needs of user, who is transforming in “Prosumer”: consumer who partially produce the energy that consumes.

This approach requires deep knowledges in many technologies: photovoltaics, thermal, heat pumps, charging station for e-cars, building automation.

VP Solar always working on improve and update the Smart Partner’s knowledge

The engineering department of VP Solar supports continuously the Smart Partners in improving their knowledge, with dedicated training sessions and giving support, also for pre and post sales activities. Storage Guide is an example; it is an e-book of 64 pages, that presents the most important electrical storage solutions, using a communication middle way between B2B and B2C language, in the idea to help the professional in transferring the information to end customer.

The high quality of products and services provided by Smart Partner, under the direct control of VP Solar, were tested by more than 10.000 final customers that required an offer or an installation, after a specific study of the energy needs of the house, and after a site inspection for free.

Smart Partner coordinated by VP Solar was selected as partner for the Italian part of European CLEAR project, coordinated by Altroconsumo, the most important Italian consumer association with about 400.000 associates.