Q.Peak DUO-G6: the new half-cut module of Hanwha Q CELLS

Q.Peak DUO-G6 is the new module of Hanwha Q.CELLS of the range of monocrystalline photovoltaic modules and half-cell technology Half Cut 6 Bus Bar, ideal for both residential and commercial systems.

Main features Q.Peak DUO-G6

The DUO-G6 series was born in 2019 and was introduced to further improve the performance of the DUO-G5 version, already very successful during 2018. These new modules can guarantee the production of up to 6% higher than the previous version, with an efficiency conversion of up to 20.1%.

The upper and lower sides of the Q.Peak DUO-G6 are able to work independently respect to the other parts of the module. For this reason, the management of the shading of the module will be more efficient, guaranteeing a higher and less discontinuous production.

In addition to these advantages, this new series also has other features, such as:

  • Cutting-edge technology: Q.ANTUM DUO combines modern half-cell technology and an innovative cell connection system with the sophisticated Q.ANTUM Technology
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions: thanks to the high-tech aluminium alloy frame, the product is certified as highly resistant to snow (5400 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa)
  • Available in the 345 Wp version
  • Investment security: 12-year product warranty, including a 25-year linear performance
  • Cell technology Q: ANTUM with low energy production costs: higher yield compared to the surface and lower BOS costs thanks to higher power classes and an efficiency of up to 20.1%