Q Cells photovoltaic modules: high-performance Q.PLUS series

Hanwha Q Cells, solar panels producer since 1990, refines constantly its products by investing a lot on researchers and engineers  (over 400 people working in 4 R&D centres in Germany, Korea, Malaysia and China).

High-performance Q.PLUS series

Among all the high-performance modules, the Q.PLUS series stands out, providing suitable solutions for both residential and commercial fields.

The Q.ANTUM cells technology, together with its design, made this panel a leader product worldwide, obtaining records about best performances in real conditions, quick installation and maximum reliability and duration.

Greater output on production costs and weather conditions

Performance is improved in relation to surface and BOS costs, thanks to higher power classes, and efficiency goes up to 17.7%. Excellent production is also ensured in every weather condition and in case of low light and high temperatures.

Better long-term production thanks to the Anti PID Technology

Through the Anti PID Technology (Potential Induced degradation), studied and developed by Q Cells, cells guarantee long-term production.

Also LID effect has been minimised, thanks to the elimination of boric anhydride bonds. Furthermore, the product vaunts a 12-years guarantee and a 25-years of liners power.

Trackable quality thanks to TRA.QTM

In every single cell it is possible to find a serial number, imprinted with a laser, which allows to track the entire production chain. Moreover, every cell has been tested against potential HOT-SPOT phenomena. Anyway, none of these phenomena occurred since 2005.

High-Tech aluminium alloy frame and fine glass technology

The high-quality workmanship, with the “SolGel Roller Coating” glass process, allows a reduction in light reflection of 50%, with a long-term resistance against corrosion.

Our frames made of High-Tech aluminium alloy are certified to withstand high loads in the presence of snow (5400 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa).