2019: year of great growth for www.vpsolar.com

VP Solar in 2019, twenty years of its presence in the market, has achieved very significant results.

The development of VP Solar was supported by a digital marketing strategy that expressed significant evidence, and in particular for the www.vpsolar.com website.

During the year, the website reached 313,600 visitors (+ 34% in 2018) with 675 thousand page views (+ 23%).

www.vpsolar.com is a B2B information platform, geared to transfer information on technological innovations and energy solutions, new technical standards and incentive opportunities and tax benefits, Italian and international market trends to professionals in the sector: an orientation tool to the business that is in strong evolution.

The communicative aspect offered is highly appreciated by designers, resale and installation companies in the energy systems sector, given the number of unique visits that exceed 1,000 daily units during the week with peaks close to 2,000 visitors, exceeded on 14 October 2019 with a peak of 2007 units.

The original contents directly produced by the VP Solar technical-commercial team, are prepared with the aim of expressing the salient elements that can help the professional business daily, understanding the evolution of technologies, the regulatory framework and market needs.

www.vpsolar.com is a constantly updated platform and is recognized by professionals in the sector as a reliable and updated reference source for the photovoltaic and energy systems market.

The growth in visits to the site can be traced back to both Italian and international ones, demonstrating that the role of VP Solar as a reference specialized distributor in Italy has also consolidated abroad, where the company has served around fifty countries in the last years.

It should be noted the record increase relating to organic searches in search engines which in 2019 were 248 thousand, growing by 43% over 2018, demonstrating strong and structured indexing of the platform.

The social pages of VP Solar, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@vpsolar) integrated with the platform also contribute synergistically to the real-time dissemination of news and information, reaching a large number of daily users.

In digital communication, an important role was also played by the publications of e-books (Energy Systems 4.0 and Energy Systems 4.1) and guides (Storage Map), which in the different versions totalled over 10,000 downloads in 2019, numbers of absolute value considering that all activities have a purely B2B orientation, focused only on professionals in the specialist sector.

The VP Solar team, in thanks for the interest shown in its activities, communicates that it will apply in 2020 to collect the suggestions received from its customers to further improve the site and other information and communication methods.