Trina Solar Vertex S TSM-DE09R.08 – mono – 144 half cells – 420/425 Wp

Vertex S TSM-DE09.08 is a small size and lightweight monocrystalline module suitable for many types of installations.

  • 144 cells of 210mm
  • multi busbar
  • Temperature coefficient for power: -0.34%/°C
  • Warranties: 15 years product, 25 years linear power
  • Available size: 420/425 Wp

High performance

Vertex S modules incorporate an innovative design that integrates 1/3 split cell, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies.
Thanks to the multi-busbar technology combined with the use of 210mm monocrystalline cells, TSM-DE09.08 is able to guarantee excellent levels in terms of performance.

Another important value is the temperature coefficient for the maximum power, equal to -0.34% / ° C, these panels are therefore able to maintain a high power even in non-optimal temperature conditions.

Universal solution

Vertex S TSM-DE09.08 has been designed to be compatible with the most common inverters and optimizers. The size and weight of the module make it easy to transport and install, suitable for different installations.

High resistence

Thanks to its sturdy composition, TSM-DE09.08 can withstand up to 6000 Pa of snow load and 4000 Pa of wind load.


Trina guarantees these modules for 15 years and their performance with a linear guarantee on the power, Trina Solar Ensure a degradation lower than 2% in the first year and <0.55% per year in the other years.

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