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Solis S5-GC 25/30/33/40 K

Solis three-phase string inverter ideal for residential and small to medium-sized commercial installations.

  • 3/4 MPPT
  • IP66
  • Communication: RS485, Optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS
  • MC4 connector
  • Display LCD
  • Sizes available: S5-GC25K, S5-GC30K, S5-GC33K, S5-GC40K.

Solis three-phase inverter from 25 to 40 kW for small commercial and industrial installations.

Design with 3/4 MPPT and maximum input current per string 16A, compatible with high-efficiency and bifacial modules.

The maximum efficiency of 98.7% makes these inverters flexible and versatile.

It supports GPRS/WiFi communication, which helps reduce wiring and thus reduce installation costs.

Integrated intelligent string-level monitoring with intelligent I-V curve scanning.

Possibility of oversizing by 150%.