Plan for a green energy in Netherlands

All of the member State of the UE  have sent, during the past few months, their plans for energy saving to the European Commission to be approved.

Europe per 32% renewable by 2030

These plans must contain the guide lines to reach the target indicated by the executive organ of UE during the Paris energy agreement, that is linked to the achievement of a 32% share of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) in gross energy consumption.

Secondly the European Commission has set an aim for the energy efficiency. The target is of a 32,5% that will be reached by 2030.

One of these states that has set its personal target for a cleaner energy, is Netherlands.  The agreement is focused on the reduction of CO2 with some measures and objectives that should lead to a national reduction of CO2 of at least 49%, with the possibility of bringing it to 55%.

Can solar PV be a green power solution for Netherlands?

In order to make possible the achievement of the UE energy targets, in the plan for a clean energy in Netherlands are shown a series of targets about some different sectors of renewable energy. One of them is related to solar PV.

As seen in the graph, solar PV would be a really important energy solution for the near future. In fact in 2023 the installed energy capacity will be about 7722 GWh. In addition, in the following years the growth of this sector will continue, up to the 15611 GWh of 2035.

At the end it is possible to report that the quantity of power that will be installed every year is quantified on average in about 80 MW.

The years between 2020 and 2023 will be the most intense period for this sector, in fact the installed capacity of solar PV will be the most high in quantity respect of all the other years indicated in the plan for energy.

Consumption growth for renewable energy

Working to be an electric state

When every EU member state has indicated its aims about renewable energy, it has divided them into some different sector: electricity, transport, heating & cooling.

Solar PV is an interesting solution for the electricity sector, and in particular Netherlands has set a target for electricity (RES-E) of 27% of gross final energy consumption in 2020 and of 32% in 2030, so this target perfectly respect the aim of EU.

For these reason, Netherlands would be indicated like one of the busiest country to make energy cleaner.