New Three Phase Inverters by Danfoss: 3 independent mppt

From 5-17 kW transformless inverters, the new series FLX by Danfoss combines innovative and functional features with the best in tried-and-tested technology. The result is: easy installation, high yield and easy use.

The inverter has an efficiency of 98 % and precise and fast MPP tracking of 99.9 %.
Furthermore Wide MPP voltage range (250-800 V) and 3 independent MPP trackers allow flexibility in PV layout.
With the monitoring system already integrated and with the built in international grid codes and display languages installers and end customers can get full control.
This new generation of solar inverters are light (39 kg)  focused on ergonomics and on full placement freedom thanks to their development together with installers.

VP Solar is official partners of Danfoss and suggests their installation in your pv systems due their reliability and the strength of the Danish company. Ask the engineers of VP Solar their datasheet and have a look at the quotations in the Private Area.

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