Bosch mono 265 Wp: large power class for all PV installations

Wide power capacity, regardless if for private rooftop or commecial/industrial, the Bosch Solar Panel c-Si M 60 265 is ideally suited for all locations where long-term, stable yields and optimum surface usage are of prime importance.

With the mission of winning energy from the sun, the newest generation of monocrystalline panels can rely on a selective emitter for broader spectral usage, and on the new cell connector with a longitudinally progressing pyramid structure for more light reflection onto the cell surface. That’s 100% module quality “Made by Bosch“.

Horizontal or vertical fixing is possible at the long and short frame sides.

Contacting VP Solar, its experienced technicians can design your Bosch PV Systems at best and registering on the Private Area you will find more details about our energy solutions.

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