KOSTAL Solar Plan: a simple and precise configuration of your system

The new KOSTAL Solar Plan software is a free configurator for sizing and configuring your photovoltaic system with KOSTAL inverter.

Thanks to this solution, by simply entering the data of the system and the customer’s data, you can receive advice on the PIKO inverter that best suits the installation conditions. It is also possible to consider the energy consumption of the end customer and view the estimated level of self-consumption for the system.

What is made available in the software?

Thanks to KOSTAL Solar Plan, various types of system configuration are made available, based on requirements:

  • Quick configuration: manual configuration of the inverter based on the specifications entered.
  • Configuration: the inverter is configured automatically and energy consumption can also be taken into account.
  • Storage configuration: in this case, the automatic configuration of the inverter also takes into account the possibility of combining a battery for storage.

This solution greatly simplifies the management and configuration of your system, allowing a simpler and more effective choice of products and subsequent drafting of the offer to the customer.

New VP Solar price list for KOSTAL

The new VP Solar 2020 inverter price list presents many solutions for the KOSTAL brand that adapt to many photovoltaic systems:

  • KOSTAL PIKO MP Plus: it is a 1 or 2 MPPT single phase inverter based on the size. It adapts to most residential systems, guaranteeing power classes ranging from 1.5 to 5 kW. It provides extremely stable yields, ensuring a wide input voltage range.
  • KOSTAL PIKO IQ: three-phase inverter suitable for residential systems, has power classes ranging from 4.2 to 10 kW with 2 MPP trackers, useful for configuring systems on different pitches.
  • KOSTAL PIKO: product with power classes ranging from 12 to 20 kW. Thanks to the wide range of input voltage and current and the 2/3 MPP trackers, it is possible to have a flexible configuration of the strings on the roof.
  • KOSTAL Plenticore Plus: three-phase hybrid inverter, available in 6 different sizes from 3 to 10 kW with 3 MPPT. It guarantees a high level of self-consumption thanks to the possibility of combining different types and sizes of batteries.