HIT Panasonic Modules

HIT Panasonic modules, for all roofs

Panasonic, a leading manufacturer of high efficiency modules with patented HIT cells (Heterostructure with Intrinsic Thin Layer) technology, has developed all of its modules on these 5-inch cells.


HIT Panasonic modules: a solution for every roof

Since the roofs are all different there is not a standard solution for everyone.

Each system has to be specially designed and has a single manufacturer of 3 types of modules with different surfaces but with a common side of the frame with the same length and with the same type of cells it has the maximum flexibility and freedom to cover the entire surface of the roof.

Rarely the dimensions of a roof can be uniformly divided by the length or width of a solar module.

When covering a roof with standard size modules, it is likely to end with the space remaining too narrow for a further row of modules, whether installed vertically or horizontally.

Through Panasonic and the flexibility that its 3 modules combined together, it is possible to combine different power modules to fill the roof more fully and have the maximum possible power to be installed.

Here are the 3 different HIT® modules for greater power on any roof:

Slim N245

This small powerful module is very versatile to install and is particularly suitable for tight and uncomfortable roofs. This allows maximum power output per unit of surface.

Compact N295

Its low height makes it especially useful when installed vertically. Additionally, in flat roofs, the spacing between the module row and the conventional ones is reduced.

Power N330

With 19.7% efficiency, these modules are among the most efficient on the market. Installation costs and BoS are below 24% compared to conventional modules.

Studies on HIT Panasonic modules arrangements on roofs of any type and with any obstacles have resulted in 50% higher installed power than conventional modules.