25 years

Fronius celebrates 25 years of solar

Fronius has experienced in the field of solar energy of 25 years, thus guaranteeing reliable service and products, always with a look to the future.

On the day of the celebrations for the 25-year solar industry, Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Business Unit, says:

“We have been doing our solar energy business for 25 years. There are not many companies in the industry that can boast such a long tradition. Values, such as quality, innovation, assistance and collaboration, have always accompanied us and continue to distinguish us even today from our competitors. “

More than 70 years of life for a company that always looks to the future

Fronius is a company founded in 1945 by Gunther Fronius.

After the Second World War, he had the opportunity to exploit his engineering know-how in battery building to begin developing a technology for energy transformation.

In 1992, after continuous growth through various sectors, Solar Energy business unit was born, thus delineating Fronius’s direction towards a sustainable future.

Elizabeth Strauß, nephew of Gunther Fronius, today at the head of the company: “This morning I talked to my mother of the party that this evening would be at our booth and together we remembered these moments before saying goodbye to me that our The first inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, was installed in 1994 right at his home and still works!

24 hours of sun represents our vision, the future we believe in and what we want to achieve for our children. The challenges of this industry are certainly numerous and we are committed to developing new technologies and new solutions, and that is what we like about our work. “

“24 hours of sun”, the philosophy of Fronius

The orientation to “24 hours of sunshine” includes the vision of Fronius towards:

  • a sustainable future: the production and use of clean energy, to ensure a cleaner world for future generations
  • prosperity: thanks to the use of renewables, new opportunities for producing, consuming and sharing electricity are created, creating new professionalism and job opportunities
  • energy independence: in a non-remote future, it is possible to become independent from fossil sources, using directly self-produced energy

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