New Quality certification for Hanwha Q Cells from TÜV Rheinland

The well-known certification and quality control institute TÜV Rheinland has developed together with Hanwha QCells a new standard of certification for the entire photovoltaic module manufacturing industry called “Quality Controlled PV certification”.

New voluntary certification standard

This new voluntary certification standard is in addition to the normal and mandatory IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certifications by continuously monitoring and evaluating quality, directly in the production line.

Q.PEAK DUO-G9+ tested with the new certification

Hanwha Q Cells with this new certification wants to further strengthen its position in the market as a leader in this technology. The first modules to have achieved it are the Q.PEAK DUO-G9+ and all future products will be provided with them.

This result was possible thanks to the close collaboration between the Q Cells Research and Development department in Thalheim, Germany, which is the beating heart of the company but also one of the largest testing centers in the photovoltaic sector in Europe.

Quality Controlled PV certification

The “Quality Controlled PV certification” takes place in 3 parts.

The first phase is the initial qualification with tests on the long-term reliability of the product since the modules are subjected to checks that have double or triple duration compared to the normal IEC / UL tests, in addition, tests are carried out on resistance to atmospheric agents and UV on the back side and resistance of the welds, in addition there are much more stressful controls from the mechanical point of view and on the degradations due to the effects PID (potential induced degradation) and LeTID (degradation induced by light and high temperature).

The second phase that distinguishes this qualification process is the presence on the assembly line of TÜV Rheinland personnel who select the modules to be tested with random sampling at regular intervals, in this way it is guaranteed that the production process is always monitored with focus on quality.

The last and third part is the regular verification of materials entering the assembly line in order to ensure that all components are of the expected quality and that all modules placed on the market meet the high production standards of Hanwha QCells.

Tests will be revised upwards as technology progresses

A final novelty of this Qualification process lies in the fact that it will not be static and the tests carried out will be revised upwards with the progress of the technology so that not only a high level of quality in the production of photovoltaic modules is established and confirmed, but that this be continually raised up.

This matter is in line with the Q Cells philosophy which has always been committed to increasing the reliability of its modules.