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VP Solar special promotion for United Kingdom resellers

VP Solar dedicated a special promotion to resellers of PV and energy systems in United Kingdom, in particular for modules, inverters and batteries, to reward the good results reached in that market.

Great results for the United Kingdom photovoltaic market

The UK photovoltaics market reached great results during the booming years (2014-2015), when became the most important market in Europe together with Germany.

This success was consolidated on good volumes based on commercial and residential installations.

With reference to this kind of installations, VP Solar has 20 years of experience as specialized distributor, shared with the UK resellers.

A prosumer produces and consumes energy with systems that optimize performances and self-consumption. This thanks to storage solutions that manage the complete energy system in a smart way.

The analysts has estimated a yearly new installed power of more than 1 GWp in United Kingdom in the next few years.

Technologies in offer from VP Solar

VP Solar is proposing to resellers a huge range of quality solutions about the following technologies:

  • photovoltaics: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and high efficiency modules; optimizers, single e three phase inverters; monitoring, cabling and mounting systems
  • heat pumps and thermodynamics
  • electric energy storage
  • charging stations for electric-cars

VP Solar Engineering team supports UK resellers for pre and after sales technical activities, focused webinars, and Guidebook, such as the Electrical Storage Systems 9.0“, that you can download for free online.