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Fronius: 24 hours of sun

A world of 24 hours of sun: the vision of Fronius is to manage the energy production by renewables in order to cover the full day needs of energy in the house, believing that it could be possible in a future.

Fronius is working to reach 24 hours of sun in the future  with its products and solutions. But people need to be involved in this vision, and their contribute could be to install a PV and storage system, and to use energy in a smart way.

The “24 hours of sun” view of Fronius in 3 words

Fronius created a website to explain this vision; 24 hours of sun for

SUSTAINABILITY: to leave to future generations a world that is still worth living in

PROSPERITY: the new model of decentralized production of energy from renewables, now very cost efficient, will create new jobs and working opportunities

INDIPENDENCE: 24 Hours of sun will make people independent of fossil fuels

To make the visionary goal of 24 hours of sun a reality, it requires technologies and solutions that make it possible to generate and store renewable energy with incomparable efficiency and to distribute and consume that energy in a smart way.

VP Solar distributes Fronius huge range of PV string inverter: Galvo, Primo, Eco and Symo. Resellers can contact directly Technical department of VP Solar in order to find the optimal solution for the PV system.

Fronius inverters can be the heart of complete energy systems with PV and storage system, heat pumps and building automation.

Discover Fronius storage system


Fronius Symo Hybrid


Fronius has extended its range of three-phase inverter MPPT replacing an entrance with a battery charger so you can put a lithium iron phosphate with a capacity ranging from 3.6 to 9.6 kWh can also be used in case of blackuot.

Remain unchanged all the control functions and standard monitoring Snapinverter Fronius.

The result: the sun by day, the sun at night and the sun during the blackout.



The design of the Fronius Symo Hybrid is designed for easy installation, the inverter is placed on the wall while the battery is standing. As with all Snapinverter Fronius is not necessary to remove the entire inverter during maintenance, the connections, settings and configurations remain untouched in the field.


In Fronius Symo Hybrid they are integrated data logger with Ethernet connection or WIFI, the EnergyManager and Webserver. In this way, the inverter is connected to the internet with the network cable or via WiFi, and provides a comprehensive overview of the entire system both locally and remotely, with the production data, the battery charge status but also of consumption .

The connection with third-party components can be done throughout the integrated visa security standards such as Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON).


Fronius combines the flexibility of the machines in a single inverter all the necessary technical features. The MPPT tracker with wide input voltage range ensures maximum flexibility in configuration. Also thanks to Dynamic Peak Manager function or the algorithm that dynamically adapts its behavior to search for the optimal operating point.

This allows the inverter to extract the maximum possible energy from the Sun in all circumstances. A particularly interesting finding of Dynamic Peak Manager is that it automatically controls the entire system at regular intervals to ensure you always get the maximum power point, even when it is partly cloudy.


The Fronius Symo Hybrid is very versatile due to the accumulation external modular.

Control of the entire system is internal to the inverter, the device can simply be used as photovoltaic inverters without battery with emergency backup function and later add the accumulation of more appropriate size having improved, including through the relay internal to the intelligent energy management of your consumption profile.


Fronius battery is a perfect example of technology with iron phosphate and lithium. Long lifetime thanks to 8000 cycles of life and high power both in office and in download make it the perfect complement for the Fronius Symo Hybrid.

The storage capacity varies from 4.5 kWh to 12.0 kWh net with DOD 80% from 1.5 kWh step.

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Dati tecnici

Massima potenza DC 5000 W 6500 W 8000 W
Massima tensione DC 1000 V
Numero di MPPT indipendenti 1
Intervallo MPPT di tensione DC 200-800 V 255-800 V 320-800 V
Massima corrente DC in ingresso per ogni MPPT 16 A
Tipo di connessione AC alla rete Trifase
Potenza nominale AC di uscita 3000 W 4000 W 5000 W
Capacità utile 3.6-9.6 Wh
Tecnologia Litio Ferro Fosfato
Rendimento Europeo 95.2 95.7 96.0
Rendimento Ciclo carica/scarica >90.0
Dimensioni [H x L x P] (mm) 645 x 431 x 204 (inverter), 955 x 570 x 611 (batteria)
Peso (kg) 19,9 (inverter), 91…176 (batteria)
Grado di protezione IP65 (inverter), IP20 (batteria)
Backup Si

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