VP Solar has been working in the field of renewable energy and energy saving since 1999. Led by innovation in R&D VP Solar has developed a reputation as an innovative supplier who delivers.

The company was founded by Stefano Loro whose has developed a passion for renewable energy and energy conservation since the mid 1980s.

Our historical connections and experience mean we have been able to develop a network of worldwide suppliers working in the green economy. We have become preferred partners with many and thus are able to offer our customers the .best and latest in Renewable Energy. This preferential supplier network allows VP Solar’s to focus on delivering the high quality solutions it has become famous for. Our great relationship  with suppliers means we can offer similar to our customers. Professionalism and service are the cornerstones of the business, our smart, lean distribution can respond quickly to customer requests with innovation  and efficiency.



VP Solar primarily operates in the B2B sector, supplying over 2,500 local resellers and installers with its renowned combination of professionalism and efficiency. Our no nonsense approach and willingness to pass on our knowledge means unrivalled professional support for our customers.

  • SALES: Our team consists of expert technicians who can offer the best solutions to customer needs. They also can provide insight to technical legislation, government incentives, system performance  ROI and guarantees. We use the latest sophisticated IT tools to run programmes which are then shared with customers so they can use them – an exa.mple being the electronic VP SOLAR price list! catalogue..
  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: VP Solar unique understanding of the market means we can select and test the best solutions offered by the best producers in the world. It means our customers get the latest and the highest qualitY every time
  • LOGISTICTS: Precision, reliability and speed are VP Solar’s strengths. Our cutting edge logistics mean our customers can rely on excellent availability of high quality products in stock with short  delivery times across both Italy and Europe. We can provide real time documentation to support this speedy delivery
  • EDUCATION/ENGINEERING: We offer technical support to customers, supporting them in both technical and business areas this ~eeps customers up to date with an ever changing and increasingly demanding market
  • MARKETING: We use marketing to support activities for the commercial development of our customers and partners. Our breadth of experience and our international network means we can anticipate  the market evolution and share our insider knowledge with our customers.


VP Solar aims to go beyond the normal supplier relationship. Since we began our philosophy has been to build rapport in both pre and post sales customer service. We want  to solve the needs of customers quickly and efficiently, giving the added value service that makes the difference. The long term vision of VP Solar is to become the number one supplier and consultant in the Italian  and European market.


Respect for the environment and the sustainability of its choices are at the core of VP Solar. This respect for our planet is also reflected in the way we do business and the way we  build relationships and respect our suppliers and customers.