SMA Grid Parity

With SMA began the Grid Parity era in Italy

In Montalto di Castro there are the innovative photovoltaic systems realized in Grid Parity with SMA inverters. These plants are an important step towards renewable energy production without subsidies.

Orientation towards clean energy production in Italy

Producing clean energy in quantity to compete with traditional sources is one of Montaldo di Castro’s objectives.

The five plants are controlled by Octopus Energy Investments and do not receive any government subsidies. They also signed a two-year contract with Green Trade for the supply of fixed-price energy.

The total power of the plants is 63,086 MWp; are the first project of this dimension in Grid Parity in Italy and is one of the largest in Europe.

Grid Parity photovoltaic plants with SMA inverters

To achieve this, around 197,000 photovoltaic panels and 58 SMA Sunny Central CP-XT outdoor inverters were used. Along with some SMA media outlets.

The maximum efficiency of the inverter reaches 98.7% and is equipped with an Opticool forced ventilation system that allows it to work even under very high temperatures up to 62 ° C.

The photovoltaic field is connected to SMA String Combiner with 32 inputs and the reading of the panels is managed at the inverter level by means of a Monitoring Zone reading system.

This reading system is able to detect string failures only by measuring the reading of the total field current of the field.

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