VP Solar Link Tour

VP Solar Link Tour: in Malta on 27 January and in Slovenia on 11 February

After the extraordinary success of the last year, VP Solar is pleased to announce the start of the new edition of his RoadShow called VP Solar Link Tour, with aims to bring answers to the changes of the distribution.

Link VP Solar Tour 2016: even more stages, even more information, even more smart

The VP Solar Link Tour will officially start with the stage in Malta on 27 January, dedicated to increasing the Maltese market where the company is gaining credibility and market share thanks to its recognized ability to serve with authority not only the domestic market but also the foreign market.

This capacity, result of 16 years in the business of energy efficiency, is a winning factor and determining development business in the countries of the European Union, where even more programming and response speed take an enormous importance.

The other stage dedicated to the foreign countries is Ljubjana, on 11 February: for more information and to register please visit vpsolar.web/en/on-tour-en-2016 and subscribe now!

The main theme of the new roadshow is to be even closer and ready to market changes, which now requires an increasingly professional from the technical point of view, in terms of fast delivery and quick in order to modulate and change their strategies to the various and different evolutions that the market presents every day.

In Malta we will have important and international producer as SolarEdge, LG, that will explain their products and solutions for the energy systems. In particolar:

  • SolarEdge will present his unique technology of optimers for the Photovoltaic plant efficiency, and the new system StorEdge for the storage of pv energy
  • LG Solar will present their complete range of products, including the CELLO technology that assure more energy and efficiency than a standard photovoltaic module

For more information don’t hesitate to get back to us; subscribe now at vpsolar.web/en/on-tour-en-2016!