The new Q.cells modules won the Photon Award

The new modules Q cells Q.PRO won the Photon Award 2014 for the best polycrystalline module: the modules Q.PRO-G2 235 Wp resulted to be the best among 151 tested modules of 119 different manufacturers.

Q.PRO G4: the best of Q Cells for PV Plants

The new modules Q.PRO G4 are the latest series of polycrystalline Q Cells modules, which have always been matching technological research to long-lasting and efficient products, to guarantee energy for all PV plants owners.

In these new series, Q. Cells summarized years of research and development in a module characterized by excellence in every weather condition and for the whole life of the plant. The applied technologies anti PID, Hot-Spot-Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™ allow to choose a module that is reliable from its first sunny day and for more than 20 years.

Moreover, the light and strong frame (up to 5400 Pa), the 12-year warranty on the product and 25-year linear performance warranty, make it a reliable module, as certified by the Photon Award, the TOP Brand EU 2015, and the independent tests carried out by VDE.

VP Solar: the whole range for every plant

VP Solar has the whole range of Q.cells products available in prompt delivery in accordance with the needs of its installers and resellers customers, who are all professionals of the Energy Efficiency field: in the building site, on phone appointment, with hydraulic tailgate.

Moreover, VP Solar will advise you the best products to match to complete the PV plant, like inverters, fastening systems, cables, connectors, and energy efficient solutions to use photovoltaic energy in the best way to produce hot water, heating, conditioning, cooling, and much more.

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