VP Solar Link Tour

VP Solar Link Tour 2016: starting from Malta

By popular demand and after the extraordinary success of this year, the new edition of the VP Solar Tour, whose main theme will be the B2B distribution, is starting soon.

VP Solar Link Tour 2016: more and more stages, more and more information, more and more smart

The main theme of the new roadshow, called VP Solar Link Tour 2016, is to be closer and readier to the market changes, which are now requiring much more professional operators from a technical point of view. They must also be quick as regards the deliveries and be able to modulate and change their strategies in accordance with the various and different evolutions that the market presents us every day.

The VP Solar Link Tour 2016, with the help of this years’ experience and about 1500 participants in the 15 stages of the tour, is characterized by one training day, where all main interest topics will be presented.

The topics will be also a technical and normative deepening also in accordance with the themes of main interest and request. For example we will explain in details new technologies for the energy efficiency, storage solution for the self-consumption and more autonomy from the grid, modules disposal, and much more…

The Roadshow 2016 starts from Malta on 27th January

The VP Solar Link Tour 2016 will officially start with the stage of Malta on 27th January, dedicated to the growing Maltese market where VP Solar is acquiring credibility and market shares thanks to its well-known expertise to serve authoritatively not only the domestic but also the foreign market.

This skill, which is the outcome of a 16 years’ experience in the energy efficiency business and its related technologies, represents a winning and determining factor to expand its business also in Europe, where the programming and the quick response are even more important.

For more information and to register for one of the stages visit http://www.vpsolar.com/en/on-tour-en-2016 and register now!


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