Panasonic partner of the World Solar Challenge in Australia

Also this year Panasonic , the leading manufacturer in the heterojunction technology as regards the photovoltaic modules, was the technologic partner and main sponsor of the Tokai University for the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Panasonic with Tokai University to confirm the excellence

The competition dedicated to solar cars was won by Tokai University in the last two editions also thanks to the partnership with Panasonic.

Among the competition rules, the maximum surface for modules was 6 m2 that together with Australian high temperatures and sunlight involved all teams in a designing that allowed the maximum energy production and minimum losses.

The use of Panasonic modules hit this goal because they really seem to be built for these applications, thanks to their high efficiency (and therefore power quantity per surface unity) and a higher resistance to high temperatures. They produce more clean energy than the traditional modules because of the wider radiation spectrum able to collect more solar rays and to the reduced energy loss in high temperatures.

For the occasion Panasonic designed and produced special PV modules to guarantee the highest performance levels and the right energy production for the electric car and the competition.

Panasonic developed also the storage systems of the car that competed for Tokai University based on the nickel-electrode technology. This technology guarantees a high energy density, which is necessary in this application.

Panasonic always available in prompt delivery with VP Solar

The whole Panasonic technology is available in the HIT modules, which allow to have a high power in less space thanks to the maximum level efficiency and the high energy production in every weather condition: with low sunlight thanks to the wide mass spectrum, with high sunlight and therefore high temperatures thanks to the reduced temperature de-rating.

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