Fronius Symo Hybrid receives the price Plus X Award 2015/2016

The Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius has just announced that their innovative product Fronius Symo Hybrid has been awarded the price PLUS X AWARD 2015-2016 in six out of seven categories.

Symo Hybrid is the best product of the year 2015/2016

The inverter Symo Hybrid of the SnapINverter series has been awarded the price in the categories Innovation, High Quality, Design, Practicality, Functionality and Eco-friendly Performance, besides being chosen as the “Best Product of the Year 2015/2016” in the categories Energy and Lighting.

The Plus X Award is an annual price that gives special mentions to the best products on the market of different categories because their good quality has been recognized in accordance with many assessment criteria; therefore it is very prestigious and important.

For Fronius it is the third product of the new innovative SnapINverter series that received the price after Galvo and Symo. Furthermore, Symo Hybrid is the real brain of the storage solutions manufactured by Fronius.

VP Solar, reference distributor for the storage

VP Solar, official distributor for Fronius in Italy, has always been advanced in all innovations and energy saving systems: we always look for the best solution from a technical and technological point of view together with the manufacturers.

From this point of view, with the already defined regulation and the certified storage and accumulation systems, VP Solar puts himself as a reference point for the market of reliable and guaranteed storage, with technical solutions, pre and post sales assistance and the prompt delivery guaranteed from its property warehouse and integrated logistics.

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