The Aerovoltaic system

System that takes advantage from the thermal energy

The photovoltaic panel uses only about 20% of solar energy, while losing 60% of heat loss.

Thanks to the innovative air recovery, the patented aerovoltaic R-VOLT PLUS uses the thermal energy that usually gets lost!

This makes it the most powerful solar panel in the world, with its unprecedented performance of 900 W (250 We + 650 Wt)!


On the front there are photovoltaic panels that generate electricity thanks to solar rays.

On the back is an isolated air chamber (patented) which allows outside air to heat exchanging heat with the photovoltaic panel.

This hot air, through a system of channels, is later sucked and filtered by the ventilation module and diffused in the home through vents.

A simple system, but especially ensures that significant energy savings and high comfort in environment!

Moreover, in the summer period, the system allows to enter cooled air, thanks to the free-cooling function.

The system will spread silently fresh air in the environment with a temperature of about 4 °C lower than the outside.

You can then get a comfortable night with the windows closed.

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