Solarthermodynamic by Energie: heat during day and night

Energie Thermodynamic Solar panels catch the energy from the sun, the wind and even the rain.

The range of Energie panels offered by VP Solar is complete, certified at international level and reliable.

We can offer thermodynamic solar solutions in kit regarding domestic hot water, central heating, heating for swimming pool and heating for large volumes.

Any solar thermodynamic system is compact, professional and easy to install, already complete with fixing tools.

The solar collector dimensions facilitate their installation in any positions, between 0° and 90° and in less than one day: they only weight 8 kg each and measure 2 metres in length, 0,80 metres in width, and have a thickness of 2 centimetres.

Find out the best configuration for your thermodynamic system for homes, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, gyms and contact VP Solar. Download the whole catalog from your Private Area.

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