StorEdge™ Solution: the storage by SolarEdge

StorEdge is the solution by SolarEdge for storage of energy.

DC coupled storage by SolarEdge manages energy from PV plant putting in the battery the surplus of energy, at disposal to the house when the consumption is higher than production, in order to maximimize self-consumption.

StorEdge solution is very simple and easy to install: PV plant and storage use the same inverter, without special wires required.

StorEdge & Powerwall

StorEdge can be combined with Powerwall, the battery of Tesla Energy, for new PV plants or for exhisting ones.

The monitoring system display the battery status and all information about production and consumption of energy, with a remote access to the software of inverter/battery.

Adding a storage system to your photovoltaic plant is the way to reduce your electricity bill and increase your energy independence.

SolarEdge products protect assets and people through the safety mechanism wich is designed to shut down high DC during installation, maintenance and emergency situations.

SolarEdge developed the DC optimized inverter solution by splitting the traditional inverter functionality into two. The power optimizer that maximize energy production for each module and a simplified inverter that is only responsible for DC-AC inversion and grid management.

In particular, SolarEdge optimizers get maximum power out of each PV modules, with optimal energy and economic output from the plant. In a solar energy system, each panel has an 17individual maximum power point. Soiling, manufacturing tolerance, and potential future shading, all introduce power losses to panels.

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