Spain a pioneer in the installation of photovoltaic systems

Spain is one of the regions of Europe with the highest solar irradiation and at the beginning of 2010 was a pioneer in the installation of photovoltaic systems, especially of medium-large size, thanks to the incentive called Real Decreto.

Important development for residential photovoltaic installations

Given the high cost of energy with an average of 0.2403 euros / kWh paid by the consumer, with forecasts of further growth in the coming years, thanks to the government subsidies on the grid, the forecasts for Spain are of an important development for residential photovoltaic installations.

First European market in 2019 for new photovoltaic installations

The fact is confirmed that it was the first European market in 2019 thanks to over 4.5 GWp of new installations, surpassing even Germany, according to European Market Outlook For Residential Battery Storage 2020-2024 SolarPower Europe.

All this suggests that in the coming years Spain could be an emerging market for residential storage, also given the few current installations, effectively creating a new market with great prospects.