Record of Installations for electric vehicles charging stations in Italy

Based on the insights reported by Motus-E in the first quarter of 2023 it was recorded an installation growth of charging points in Italy, with an average of around 300 new charging points every week for a total of 4,401 installed charging points.

This record growth in Italy, as regards charging points and BEV car registrations reaching 3.82%, highlights a significant growth and alignment with the trends of other European countries even if we are still far from the levels of countries such as France and Germany which are around 14-15% of registered BEVs.

Total installed charging points in Italy

Of the total installed 41,173 recharging points, 30% is located on private land for public use such as supermarkets or malls, a figure which is constantly growing, while 70% are located on public land.

As regards the type of recharging points, 88% are AC, which 11% have a power equal to or less than 7 kW of, while 77% have a power between 7 and 43 kW.

The remaining 12% in DC is divided for a total of 3.5% into powers up to 50 kW, 1.5% between 50 and 60 kW, 4% from 99 to 150 kW and 3% with power above 150 kW.

Corporate fleets are growing

In this first quarter there is a gradual increase in commercial fleet registrations with an increase of around 35% compared to the same quarter of 2022.

This figure is very important as today’s company fleets are the heart of tomorrow’s used electric market.

Distribution of charging points in the area

57% of the recharging points are installed in the north, 22% in the center and 21% in the south and on the islands.

Regions standing out for the significant growth of recharging points are Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Lazio and Lombardy. The motorway network currently boasts an average of 7.6 charging points per 100 km of which 83% are high-power fast and ultrafast stations.