Loxone Miniserver

Fronius and Loxone: self-consumption and home automation

Fronius in conjunction with the Loxone Miniserver presents a simple solution for home automation, allowing you to control various home’s parameters.

Increase in self-consumption and domestic automation with Loxone Miniserver

Energy-management tools are essential to be able to increase the share of self-consumption of energy, thus becoming increasingly independent of the network.

Fronius proposes a solution for energy management through the use of the Miniserver Loxone, which, connected to a Fronius inverter, enables the user to fully monitor energy production and access to various types of applications.

The Loxone Miniserver, in addition to energy management, also allows for control of other home appliances, such as shading and heating.

Plug & Play compatibility and simple display

The system is completely plug & play, the system works only connecting through a Lan cable the inverter and the Miniserver, without any further configurations.

Once connected is possible the regulated management of household loads, for example based on the power generated by the photovoltaic system.

It is possible to configure the server using graphical interfaces, thus creating a complete overview of the home and making the self-consumption level visible at all times.

Through the management of its own energy produced, the consumer becomes prosumer, thus an intelligent user of his own energy produced.

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