Conergy: quality solar panels made in Germany for 10 years

The production of the Conergy solar panels at the German factory in Frankfurt on the Oder takes ten years of production, having been started in the year 2007.

Conergy: synonymous with reliability and progress

The production site covers 16,000 square meters and employs about 300 people and a production capacity of about 340 MWp, which is one of the most modern in the world; Its lines have now produced more than 6 million solar panels for a total power of over 1.5 GWp.

The quality made in Germany of Conergy photovoltaic panels is well-known, providing the performance and reliability that the owners of PV systems made with these panels recognize, thanks to the production processes and the selected components used.

Solar panels in exclusive distribution by VP Solar

Thanks to VP Solar’s exclusive distribution agreement for the Italian market, dealers can benefit from German Conergy’s reliability associated with the quality services of the Venetian distributor, which since 1999 provides top-level logistics, pre- and post-technical consulting services Sales, training and business orientation.

The best deals can be obtained directly at [email protected].

The prices of photovoltaic panels are based on the quantity and type of product.

Range of CPP356P – CPP270P Modules

Conergy modules are available in polycrystalline technology and in sizes 265 and 270 Wp.

The design is highly reinforced to provide 6000 Pa load resistance and complies with the IEC 61701 resistance test for critical atmospheric conditions, sand and ammonia.

They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and feature many details and features that, combined with functionality, increase energy efficiency.

Matching photovoltaic modules with photovoltaic storage systems

They can be combined with the best inverters and photovoltaic storage batteries to market high-performance energy systems at a very competitive price designed to maximize self-consumption and the autonomy from the grid electrical source.