CELLO Technology in new LG Solar photovoltaic panels

LG Solar manufactures high-quality photovoltaic panels and is known around the globe for the reliability and performance of its products. Recently LG has introduced CELLO technology into its new products.

Best performance and reliability thanks to CELLO technology

The CELLO technology improves the features of the modules by replacing three collector bars with 12 circular wires, which, unlike the strings, allow several performance improvements:

  • The wire, thanks to the round shape, allows to disperse the sunlight more easily to the module. In the case of the string part of the light is instead reflected.
  • 12-wire technology reduces electrical leakage

LG Solar provides a 12 year warranty on products with CELLO technology.

New high efficiency modules

LG’s new high efficiency modules utilize new technologies to achieve high power and greater module efficiency.


NeON 2 is the new type n module with one of the highest output powers in the world.

Thanks to the maximum efficiency of 19.5%, it has a maximum power of 320 Wp.

LG NeON 2 Black

NeON 2 Black is a total black frame with cells of type n.

The black color combined with CELLO technology provides the module with a captivating aesthetics and the maximum power is 300 Wp.

LG Mono X 2

Mono X 2 is an updated module with p-type cells and leverages LILY and CELLO technologies.

The combination of the two technologies ensures excellent resistance to degradation and high performance.

All LG Solar modules can withstand loads up to 6,000 Pa and rear up to 5,400 Pa. They are also designed to provide a beautiful aesthetic effect on the roof.

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