Conergy is a world-famous photovoltaic panel manufacturer.

Conergy Power Plus photovoltaic modules have been produced since 2008 in Germany.
The Power Plus modules are characterized by reliability, high yield, long service life, and lower power loss when increasing temperature and solar irradiation.

Power Plus modules offer 265 and 270 Wp powers, making it the ideal solution for any type of photovoltaic system, from small residential plants to big commercial or utility plants.

All Conergy photovoltaic modules offer premium quality as they guarantee high yields even in adverse environmental conditions.
This is thanks to the highly reinforced design, fire resistance and resistance to PID, making it one of the best solutions.

The panels are also available in photovoltaic kits in combination with storage batteries for photovoltaic.
Storage solutions for photovoltaic systems are ideal for any type of plant as they increase self-consumption. This can make the photovoltaic users more autonomous from the electric grid.

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