ABB FIA Formula E

The ABB FIA Formula E® is the worldwide championship of electric single-seater car (the equivalent of Formula 1). It started in 2014, inspired by the FIA president Jean Todt and by Alejandro Agag, in order to demonstrate the potential of sustainable mobility.

The competitions are organized in the city centers

To highlight this competition, races are organized in the city centre of large cities like New York, Honk Kong, Paris and Rome, in an amazing and open-minded environment.

In this championships, participants are both established producers like Audi, Panasonic Jaguar, DS Virgin, Mahindra, Renault, but also emerging stables which, already from next year, will start competing with the well-known big players of the automotive industry.

Technology of electric cars

Technology of electric cars is first-rate and continuously developing: today every car from the various team has the same mechanical frame, produced by Dallara, and the same batteries. What changes, instead, are engines (with a 180kW limit), transmission and control systems.

Starting from the 2019/2020 championship the battery will make the difference

Starting from 2019/2020, teams are going to compete among each other for battery, as there will not be a designated supplier. Additionally, it is forecasted that investments in research and development for technology by producers will increase even further.

This year, during races, pilots were forced to undertake an intermediate pit-stop to change the car in order to have new fully charged batteries for the second part of the race. Starting form next year, this operation is not required anymore, as pilots will have at their disposal 200kW power, which guarantee a better performance.

Has already been presented new single-seater car for the upcoming year: the GEN 2. Above all, aerodynamic improvements will increase speed and reduce consumption.

Video Gen2 Formula E Car Unveiled:

ABB Formula E