With Huawei at InterSolar the future has been anticipated!

In the last edition of InterSolar, Huawei was one of the winners of the prestigious InterSolar Award 2019, thanks to the SUN2000-12 / 15/17 / 20KTL product series.

Huawei achieved this award thanks to the new features that were introduced following accurate and constant investments in research and development.

“By winning the Intersolar Award, Huawei’s focus on innovation has been recognized again.”
Matthias Wagner, Executive Director Global Channel Sales, Huawei

Digital Turbo technology integrated

This new solution introduced by Huawei presents the Digital Turbo technology integrated into the new inverters and artificial intelligence. These new features guarantee an important improvement in the device installation processes.

What are the new solutions presented at InterSolar?

<5 seconds for the development of the plant mapping, thanks to automatic recognition of the images and consequent transfer to the App for correct monitoring of the system.

<1.5 minutes for optimizer coupling via dedicated Chipset: Huawei was the first to introduce smart inverters with integrated Hisilicon Chipset. This new feature allows the inverters to communicate with power optimizers more quickly and reliably.

Maximum Security: Integrated AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) technology to proactively reduce the risk of fire and ensure the inverter is shut down within 2 seconds.

All the news from Huawei at InterSolar Award 2019


The new Huawei three-phase hybrid inverter is available in two versions (M0 and M1). Both can count on the efficiency of 98.6% and an integrated battery storage interface. Also, in the M1 version, it is possible to work with optimizers (partial or total optimization).

One of the product news is the possibility to install these inverters in parallel (DC or DC / AC), even with string inverters. Communication is also possible via 4G / 3G / 2G network via Smart Dongle-4G.


This series of products represents the new generation of small three-phase inverters. The product was a winner of the InterSolar Award 2019, thanks to its versatility and the possibility of working with power optimizers (partial or total optimization). This product is also available in two versions (M0 and M2).


Huawei power optimizer can only be installed on the three-phase line. Smaller in size, it allows you to work even with the logic of the “Long String Design”.


New three-phase string inverter in the Utility category. Rated power 185 kW, 9 independent MPPT, efficiency 99.03%. Supports I-V curve smart diagnosis, double DC isolating switch, integrated DC + AC arresters.