Why was ballerina walking around the Intersolar fair? Ask BISOL

Everyone walking around the Intersolar Europe fair in Munich last week was wondering: Why is there a beautiful ballerina walking around these robust solar products? Even if it did not make sense at first, one could quickly lay eyes on a story of European Art by BISOL Group, one of the rare truly European solar manufacturers.

Last week’s visit at Intersolar was everything we wanted: productive and compared to October version even relaxed at the same time, full of creative ideas, but one thing really did catch our eye.

In the middle of the solar-themed halls of the fair, there was a delicate ballerina walking around smiling. She was actually inviting the visitors to see her own live ballet show.

The performance took place at BISOL’s booth, which was explaining the story of European Art.

Do you remember the golden framed PV module? That’s it!

Artistic features, a PV module framed in a baroque-styled golden frame and a ballet show may not be what comes to mind when thinking about solar industry, but they do tell a powerful story.

Ballerina dancing by the BISOL solar modules in golden frames represents a parallel to the manufacturing process of these brilliant products.

To strive the perfection, one needs to devote their life to it, which takes endless training, development, adjustments and repeating, includes failed attempts, and admirable patience.

The end result is a performance that can be named European Art, and summarized with a slogan Power inside, Elegance outside.

According to this story, all BISOL product are created with such care and eye for perfection, however, the golden framed of course belongs to the first and unique solar product in the world that offers 25 years of 100% Output Power Guarantee, BISOL Supreme™, as the symbol for the detailed manufacturing process of BISOL Production, located in Slovenia, European Union.

Outstanding show, exceptional attendance

Besides the wonderful story they presented, BISOL is also incredibly satisfied with Intersolar fair and its results. “Not only it was great seeing all the solar players in such good spirits after a long time, sharing ideas and thoughts, but we are also incredibly satisfied with the feedback we received from our visitors. A great amount of people came and visited the booth, they loved the story we are telling, but more importantly – they trust our vision and the reliability of our European products,” says BISOL Team uniformly.