The SMA product, SUNNY HOME MANAGER 2.0, was born as a device to make the energy management of your system even more convenient and efficient. This device monitoring all the energy flows of the house or company.

The features of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0

This type of energy management device has several features:

  • Monitoring the status of the photovoltaic system;
  • Sunny Portal offers the option of displaying consumption graphs;
  • Energy balance diagrams that illustrate photovoltaic generation and battery charging / discharging;
  • Clear visualization of the principal domestic energy flows;

Thanks to the ability to access all the appliances view the state of charge of the batteries and the production of the photovoltaic system, Sunny Home Manager 2.0 can manage energy storage at maximum convenience. Based on this data, he knows exactly when the energy produced is to be fed into the grid or stored in batteries.

What are the benefits?

This device has several advantages that make it an efficient product in energy management, for example:

  • It guarantees, thanks to the lower number of components, lower system costs
  • Measurement and control of energy flows
  • Quick and easy installation, which saves on costs and time
  • State-of-the-art communication lines, which guarantee the integration of multiple intelligent loads via the EEBus and SEMP interfaces

Sunny Home Manager 2.0, allows a significantly reduce of the bill costs. Thanks to the range of data that it collects, it helps to regulate consumption habits, using energy when the solar panels supply it.

Better management for lower costs!

Below is an example of intelligent management of energy from a photovoltaic system with SMA storage solution and various controlled appliances..