Revamping with SMA for old photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic in Italy is still a very lively market. We are the second nation with the highest installed power, up to 18 GWp although the installations in recent years have undergone a sharp decline. Revamping offers new market opportunity.

Old plants out of guarantee: new businesses

But since most of the plants, mostly large, were built between 2008 and 2011 when the feed-in tariff was very high, and by now many of these plants have lost the guarantees, not even through failure or exit from the PV market and no longer have technical assistance from the producers.

These considerations lead to a simple fact, we face a new business, the Revamping, or modernization of obsolete plants that aims to improve the performance of the plant, thus ensuring greater productivity and longer life expectancy .

SMA is the first manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters in the world and boasts over thirty years of experience in the industry and thanks to the state-of-the-art product portfolio can meet all your needs.

Business plan with VP Solar for Revamping evaluation

The specialized technical service with which VP Solar Technical Team is in constant contact helps an increasing number of investor and owners to make the right business plan calculated during the design phase of the plant satisfied and improved with remarkable satisfaction from all the part involved.

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The hurry to build due to the incentive rate has accelerated the planning, material retrieval and construction of the plants, which has led to owners who are not satisfied with the performance and services needed to maintain the same low quality received in the facility, together.

Consequently, the planned production in the business plan does not correspond to what is budgeted and thus from the economic point of view do not do as they should.

Increasing photovoltaic plants efficiency with SMA’s inverter

A study by SMA on an installed base of some dozen MWp confirms that past installations are of poor quality and that 69% of the failures depends on the inverter, in other words poorly if the inverter that is the heart of the plant does not work at 100% of its capacity, all of its economic returns are affected.

Hence, there is a growing need to carry out revamping operations by replacing the inverter with a new, more efficient and durable technology, but above all by a company that can take care of for the lifetime of the plant.

VP Solar in collaboration with SMA performs technical and economic simulations by analyzing together with the client whether the revampig operation is meaningful or not going to see efficiency, derating, self-consumption losses, and other while considering the service provided by the inverter manufacturer.