Tesla and Panasonic: collaboration for solar modules

Panasonic Corporation and Tesla announced to begin in discussions about the collaboration for producing photovoltaic cells and modules.

The possible collaboration is on production on cells and modules for North America market at a factory in Buffalo, together with Tesla.

Panasonic produces and sells PV cells and modules based on its HIT® technology.

VP Solar is distributor of Panasonic modules and Tesla Energy Powerwall.

VP Solar is leading distributor in Italy and Europe of PV and energy components and systems, oriented to produce energy by renewables, and to store and consume it in smart way.

VP Solar offers to resellers innovative, effective and competitive solutions for the new market of energy, based on decentralized production. This new model of sustenable development will increase thanks to e-mobility.

Italian market is a mature market for photovoltaics, and it is growing very fast in this new vision where many new technologies are becoming very important: energy storage; heat pumps, energy building automation.

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