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The new powerCUBE range with AGM technology for commercial vehicles From September 13 to 17 in Frankfurt, FIAMM energy for the automotive world FIAMM is reasserting its technological leadership by introducing the new, very high performance FIAMM powerCUBE AGM range for commercial vehicles at Automechanika 2016 (Frankfurt, 13-17 September).

Strength, durability and reliability are the concepts which inspired the engineering of these batteries destined to become the market benchmark in terms of performance and long-lasting operation.

To respond to the demands of an increasingly more technological market and continuing along the path traced a few years ago with the introduction of new batteries for commercial vehicles, FIAMM developed the powerCUBE range with AGM (Absorbent Glass Material) technology in the most market common sizes (type B and C) for vehicles requiring cranking power in critical conditions, discharging/charging cycle durability and vibration resistance.


The new FIAMM powerCUBE AGM batteries exploit the gas recombination principle and an innovative battery plate fastening system derived from the experience gathered on the field with traditional batteries to achieve extremely high level results.

By implementing these technologies, powerCUBE AGM batteries rank at the top according to the new European standard (EN50432-1:2015) which defines test methods and performance classes for lead batteries for starting motor vehicle engines.

From the practical point of view, using very high performance powerCUBE AGM batteries has an array of advantages: Low battery maintenance: by exploiting gas recombination technology which prevents water consumption, the battery is maintenance-free and ranks in class W5, according to the mentioned standard, on a scale from 1 (maximum water consumption) to 5 (minimum/no water consumption).

Longer lasting than traditional free acid batteries: charging and discharging cycle resistance is 60% higher than the maximum value defined in the standard (class E4 with 360 cycles).

Reliability: by being able to withstand deep discharge, AGM batteries can extend standing time with the engine off (to protect the surrounding environment) with no risk of not starting.

Strength: powerCUBE AGM batteries guarantee excellent mechanical robustness, which translates into high vibration resistance.

Vibrations are critical for commercial vehicles batteries because of the way they are installed on the vehicle.

 The batteries rank in performance class V3 (on a scale from 1 to 4).

With the powerCUBE AGM range, the experience, technology and innovation capabilities of FIAMM are concentrated in a new, revolutionary product destined to soon become the benchmark for the entire category.

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