Suntech manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules for over 20 years

Suntech, founded in 2001 is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules, with an extensive presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, to date it has delivered more than 30 GW of material.

Always a pioneer in innovation and research and development (R&D), it holds more than 600 patents to ensure maximum reliability and quality in its products.

Highly automated and tracked production

With advanced production line technology, from efficient material planning with SAP and ERP Businnes platforms, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) developed by Suntech to support the manufacturing process, and tracking of all individual materials during the production process, enable high quality standards to be maintained.

Quality control and inspection:

It also owns a CNAS-certified Inspection and Test Center with 100 up-to-date testing machines to test all components of photovoltaic panels and ensure durability and safety.

The panels undergo 52 passes of inspection and are also certified by major professional organizations.

Suntech Ultra V Series:

This series of 182mm large-format silicon wafer modules offer module efficiency up to 21.3%. The high-density technology used increases the power generation area, and the special flexible solder strip also improves the product yield.